“Family Tree” are stories, full of stories, stories of family, father, mother, stories of childhood, hopes and regrets. Love stories grazed, hoped, failed, or successful. Desires caresses and hugs, mergers and extravagance. Soft and violent than the Soul rocks and ship complaints, confessions swinging blues quiet or energetic unsheathe in gospel choirs. Sometimes their rhythm and blues to say the fault later there groove to tell envy … also it swings jazz, or folk song is the heart lightweight and perfect harmony. Because this “Family Tree” are stories in music, or rather music for a vote, Lisa Spada, both sharp and clear as diamond, and as deep and powerful anxieties that upset us. This voice can sing these small and these stories with joyful energy, a quiet and reassuring for them to become our lucidity. A voice to share our misfortunes, our sorrows, our hopes and joys. A voice to animate and to blackmail our lives to the tempo of the “Family tree” roots found, its colorful branches, multicrop which radiate all messages and other beauties of our lives turned upside down and moving.
– Emma Falubert –

“The Paris of the great and beautiful music is not … everything looks the same, has been composed, written and sung … This is a topic well known” amateur “music whose life is a long river of musical certainty that they can not see challenged And yet … Yet all those who love music and retreated to their knowledge have often forgotten what fueled their passion.! CURIOSITY The want to discover more and more, to confront his emotions to those of a autre.L humility to accept to be affected by the grace of one who through his art will expand the boundaries of their senses again. LISA SPADA is these artists. His music lives in her and by her. A black music, black but serene assumed, digérée.Lisa is in place, putting his soul bare a warm and sensitive voice with weapons for its femininity and sincerity . “Take me as i am” Yes, Lisa wants us to take as it sings because she sings what it is … And it’s beautiful. Having cut his arms alongside the best (Sandra Nkaké to name it) Beautiful asserts today with a beautiful album to come.

– JP MANO (Legendary Frensh Record Dealer & DJ

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