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Our Mission

iRock Jazz is a music and culture site covering today’s modern music scene through original content, photography, exclusive interviews, music and concert reviews, and video storytelling from the artists themselves. In addition to our site, we connect fans and artists through social media and various digital platforms. We’re considered being one of the best diverse global online community, united by a common love for music, art, culture, technology and Ideas.

iRock Jazz pays homage to jazz immortals living and dead who help shape a value system that inspires not only a new genre of artists who play and write, but also promotes their music to ensure that true creativity will be properly documented.

iRock Jazz World Class Photography

The unrivaled roster of photographers who contribute to iRock Jazz speaks for itself: Richard Conde, John Broughton, Louis Byrd III, Farrad AliQuinten Richardson, Richard Conde, Foster Gavin, Paval Kobert, Ruud Lips, Alexey Karpovich, Ernest Gregory, Earl Gipson III, Monolo Nebot Rochera, Jose Horna, Gulnara Khamatova, Katja VonSchuttenbach and Javet M. Kimble top the distinguished list. Their images have given iRock Jazz a truly distinctive visual signature. You can view the photo galleries here.

iRock Jazz Writers

The unique iRock Jazz editorial perspective is provided by our roster of writers: Keli Denise, Johnathan Eaglin , Paul Pennington, Steen Burke, Matthew Allen, Jarrett Shedd, Sharlene Bynum, MsAdhuze, Tracye  Dee, Shonna Hillard, Kimberly Weatherly, Jonathan Pitman, Steve Bryant, Claudia Francis, Marian Tucker, Tenisha Jackson, Sharlene Bymun, Gustavo Cunha, Grant Marbie, Kristen Elisabeth, Brian Whitehead  and  Willow Neilson.

iRock Jazz Live! Interactive Web Series

iRock Jazz LIVE! is a show where fans have a rare opportunity to interview their personal unsung heroes, hear and see celebrities and notables they most admire.

Interview topics will center around vision, passion, pursuit as well as delve into seemingly insurmountable challenges, disappointments, once-in-a-life-time opportunities and sweet successes. Check out the live chats here.

Want to be on our show?  Contact us— info [at] irockjazz.com

Artists + Icons

A collaboration among composers, musicians, dancers, visual artists, writers, photographers, poets, and free-thinkers who embrace the beauty, spirit, and principles of a diverse artistic culture, all of whom will openly share their experiences. Check out the video series here.

iRock Jazz Radio

iRock Jazz Radio features a progressive blend of innovative classics and music by today’s NEW modern jazz and soul artists.

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