Producer John W. Comerford: The Making of “Icons Among Us”

John W. Comerford and Brian Blade Producer, John W. Comerford is an artist and visionary. Through his lens we are able to take a glimpse of what jazz looks like in the present tense. Today’s jazz artists have told their story and Comerford has captured their words and the passion …


Robert Glasper: I Wish People Would Have the Chance to Not Like My Music

Quantity versus quality is a major topic of conversation in the music industry. There is a lot of music out there, but the quality is questionable. Jazz pianist Robert Glasper explains frankly why he wishes people had the chance to not like his music.


Robert Glasper’s Formula for Groundbreaking Music

Jazz pianist and composer Robert Glasper is at the head of the class when it comes to breaking rules in his genre. The 2012 Grammy Award winner for “Best R&B Album” and Blue Note label artist thinks outside of the musical box as he fuses Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz and Rock …


Otis Brown III: The Life and Music

In a music industry often rife with shameless self promotion and ambitious arrogance, humility is a characteristic that is found in minimal proportions. Contrary to popular thought, humility is not the meek position some may think. It is the quiet strength of the humble that does not step on others …


Pharoah Sanders: A Spiritual Journey Through Music

  Jazz, the genre that has sub-genres within the culture itself. There is Swing, Bebop, Harmony, Afro-Cuban, Modern, Smooth, Cool, Avant-Garde and Free or what some call Cosmic/Mystic/World Fusion Jazz. This sound of the 1970’s includes artists such as Sun Ra, Lonnie Liston Smith, Ronnie Laws, Yusef Lateef, Alice Coltrane …


CD Review: Chris Dave’s Drumhedz: Music, Beats, and Swagger

Chris Dave photo by Bjorn Bergenheim An art form that once coalesced from the underground, from the counter culture, has lost some of its swagger. Sometimes overly intellectualized and distant, jazz can come off as aristocratic, pretentious even. This musical discipline with its rich history seems to get lost in …

Jose James

CD Review: Jose James No Beginning No End

Jose James People say Jazz isn’t fresh anymore; they say it doesn’t change or grow. For those who need a reminder or a wake up call as to what is really happening in the Jazz scene, go listen to vocalist Jose James. With his new album No Beginning, No End, …

Robert Glasper

Robert Glasper Scats to the Beat of His Own Tune

  Jazz pianist and producer Robert Glasper is at the head of the class when it comes to breaking rules in his genre. Known for thinking outside of the musical box, he fuses Hip Hop, Soul and Jazz to create his own element and niche in one of the oldest …

Lionel Loueke

Lionel Loueke Heritage CD Release with Special Guests Robert Glasper, Mark Guiliana and Derrick Hodge

  September has been an auspicious month for New York’s Blue Note Jazz Club. It played host to Chick Corea & Gary Burton, Stanley Clarke & Hiromi, The Brecker Brothers and Roy Ayers! This saturation of renowned dates was kicked off by an equally formidable artist. Fatefully, from Sept. 4-6, …