Being the child of a global superstar is never easy, but being the daughter of the “Hardest Working Man in Show Business”—that’s a category unto itself. Like every little girl, Yamma Brown wanted her father’s attention, but fame, drugs, jail, and the complicated women in James Brown’s life set the stage for an uncommon childhood. She got caught in the same trap as her mother, doing things in her adult life and troubled marriage that, as a child, she’d promised herself she’d never do. The struggles she went through, both as a child and as an adult, make for a gripping read and, in the end, a profound examination of the nature of celebrity, violence, and survival. Though packed with celebrity appearances ranging from Michael Jackson to Al Sharpton, Cold Sweat ultimately focuses on an everyday issue faced by millions of women—domestic violence—and in this book Yamma faces it in an honest and powerfully moving way.

Dr. Yamma Brown was born in Augusta, Ga.  The youngest daughter of Deidre Jenkins and James Brown, the Godfather of Soul.  She attended high school at Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore, Maryland and undergraduate training from University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland.  She moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1993 to attend Mercer University School of Pharmacy where she received her Doctorate degree at the age of 24.  Dr.  Brown has worked in the field of pharmacy for 12 years holding such positions as: Clinical Pharmacy Manager for Healix in Houston, TX, Assistant Director of Pharmacy/Clinical Director at Twelve Oaks Hospital in Houston, TX, as well as Director of Pharmacy at El Campo Memorial in Texas.  She resided in Sugarland, Texas for approximately 5 years post graduate then relocated her family back to Atlanta, Ga.  She has an extensive knowledge of several areas in the pharmacy arena, working in the hospital, retail, and long term care settings.  She specialized in Infectious Disease, Neurology, Rheumatology, and Oncology.  Dr. Brown states that even with accomplishing so much in pharmacy at a young age, family is most important to her.  She has been very involved in her father’s estate planning since his death on December 25, 2006.  Her ultimate goal is to build his legacy so that the world is able to capture and feel the magnitude of his influence to civil rights as well as the music industry.  Along with her family she will strive to make his home a museum so that people from around the world are able to see his home and things that were so important to him.  Her commitment to his legacy comes especially through producing a major motion picture of his life story.  Yamma has two beautiful children from a previous marriage, Sydney (10) and Carrington (7).  Dr. Brown states that her children have been the epicenter of her life and since their father passed away in November, 2008. as a single mom, she has been committed to them having a well rounded and productive life.

 Sydney is a rising 5th grader.  During the past school year she has had the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York City and complete the musical High School Musical for her performing arts school.  In addition to this she sang/danced at the Atlanta Hawks game twice this year, first with her school choir and again with her performing arts school.  Sydney is currently teaching and taking classes in Broadway singing and dancing for the summer.

Carrington is a rising 3rd grader.  He is and exceptional student receiving A’s and B’s this school year.  He is very proficient in math and reading.  He is currently reading on a fifth grade level.  He was asked by the school to take the challenge test to participate in challenge classes for the next school year.  Carrington loves sports and dreams of one day becoming a professional golfer.

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