“…but can she play?” is the first documentary blowin’ the roof off women horn players and jazz. The full-length feature film focus on the lives and the music of women sax and brass players who are challenging gender biases and influencing the transformation of contemporary American jazz. 

Beyond being talented musicians and composers, many of whom are recording artists fronting their own bands, these women have compelling stories to tell as they juggle their lives as students, professors, wives and mothers; on the road, on the stage and in the classroom. Their stories are compelling; the music will blow you away!

One of the goals of this documentary is to encourage girls towards careers in jazz and to support organizations and programs that provide jazz and music programs for students in underprivileged schools where funding for music education is lacking or non-existent.

…but can she play? is the first feature film developed for Woodshed 1936 Films and is a project of the Pasadena Arts Council’s  EMERGE fiscal sponsorship program

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