Jason Moran: The Modern Maestro

Jason Moran is a Houston, Texas-born pianist and composer. His eclectic styling has led to a successful run of over fifteen years, as both sideman and band leader. In this time, Moran has received considerable praise for his fluid play, which encompasses various styles, blending them into one definably distinctive …


Kendrick Scott: Make Me An Instrument of Peace

The list of next generation jazz greats cannot be complete without the name Kendrick Scott. At just 32 years old, composer, bandleader and drummer his resume is already the stuff of legends. After graduating from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston where Scott won numerous …


CD Review: Terence Blanchard’s Magnetic

With a resume that goes on for days, Grammy-Award winning trumpeter, film score composer, composer and arranger, Terence Blanchard is set to release his 19th album Magnetic as a co-leader/leader in May (2013) on the Blue Note Record Label. The replacement to Wynton Marsalis in the legendary jazz group “The …


CD Review: Kendrick Scott’s Conviction

It is something inherently African, something that has made its way across overwhelming bodies of water, and hulking masses of land. It has survived slavery, cultural oppression, and social inequality. It is a musical phenomenon indescribable by notation. An impression only understood by feel. Like love or laughter, it is …