iRock Jazz LIVE! from Paris with Guitarist Ellene Masri

Ellene Masri, songwriter and performer, has just release her debut self-produced album, “MUSIC”, a mixture of various cultural influences inspired by her mixed roots, her travels around the world and her many musical encounters under her own label “Music talk”, November 1st. She has already been previewed in the UK …


iRock Jazz LIVE! with Actor and Musician LEON

Leon, a multi-talented performer, continues to please his abundant and loyal fans while swaying newcomers with his memorable performances as an actor. Leon continues this trend in 2013 with several new movies. Leon stars in Troy Byer’s romantic comedy “Ex-Free” the drama “Soul Ties”, based on the book by Tee …

Branford Marsalis

Branford Marsalis: I’m a MF Musician!

“I don’t use songs as a vehicle to glorify myself. I’m going to play whatever is required to make the song successful.” These are the words of Branford Marsalis. He’s a man that understands that it’s not all about him. Considering the big names he’s played with from Sting to …


Darryl Jones: From Miles to the Stones

Most musicians start off small and work their way up to a few big names. However, master bassist Darryl Jones began his career with one of the greatest in jazz and has continued to work with musical giants for over thirty years. After touring with the legendary Miles Davis, Jones …


Stretching Madonna’s MDNA – LIVE at the United Center

  As I gazed across the pulsating crowd at the United Center, I began to wonder how many people there were actually old enough to know the vast musical canon of Madonna. It is hard to believe that she has been doing music for over 30 years, with hits that …