Roy Haynes: Still Keeping Time

Eighty years after picking up the drumsticks, Roy Haynes has inspired and influenced generations of musicians. Keeping with his credo, “now is the time,” Haynes has stayed current and innovative across decades in an ever changing art form. During his illustrious career as a jazz drummer and bandleader, he is …


Chaka Khan: Achieving Musical Immortality

In a career that includes ten Grammy-Awards, multiple platinum albums, and an influence immeasurable in scope, all I can think about is “Be Bop Medley.” It seems strange, I know. Here we are celebrating four decades of Chaka Khan and for whatever reason my mind is fixated on this solitary …


T.S. Monk: Jazz is Driven by the Root Philosophy to the Music

Of those that studied under Thelonious Monk – a list that includes Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Bud Powell amongst many others – T.S. Monk may be his most successful pupil. Now before you cry foul, understand this: Education is not simply the accruement of knowledge, but its application. If …


T.S.Monk: My Father Thelonious Monk

We will never fully understand the genius of Thelonious Sphere Monk, Sr. He embodied a particular brand of intellect that extended far beyond the scope of music. His was a way of life. Intelligently designed, it dictated the vivacious artistry we know him for, but also his most significant undertaking …


Pharoah Sanders: A Spiritual Journey Through Music

  Jazz, the genre that has sub-genres within the culture itself. There is Swing, Bebop, Harmony, Afro-Cuban, Modern, Smooth, Cool, Avant-Garde and Free or what some call Cosmic/Mystic/World Fusion Jazz. This sound of the 1970’s includes artists such as Sun Ra, Lonnie Liston Smith, Ronnie Laws, Yusef Lateef, Alice Coltrane …