CD Review: Jose James, While You Were Sleeping

On June 9, 2013 I stood amongst the throngs of concertgoers waiting for the arrival of Kanye West. The location was Randall’s Island in New York, and it was the final night of Governor’s Ball. When the lights dimmed and the backing screen began to flash, there was something noticeably …


Show Review: Kris Bowers Live At Yoshi’s

Heros and Misfits – This wasn’t exactly uncharted territory. He had, after all, been here before—several months prior, to be exact. He shined in this capacity, supporting the efforts of Mr. Jose James. Playing the background, his role was significant, but wholly understated. Indeed, the stage was far from unfamiliar, …


Jose James Announces New Album “While You Were Sleeping” Out June 10th

José James has announced a June 10 release date for his new album, While You Were Sleeping, his fifth studio album and his second album for Blue Note Records. While You Were Sleeping is the follow-up to his widely acclaimed R&B and jazz steeped No Beginning No End, and signals …


CD REVIEW: Takuya Kuroda; Rising Son (Blue Note)

Since the 1950’s, Japan has been a major fan base for American jazz. This interest led to a number of Japanese musicians to migrate to the States for the express purpose of learning and performing the music. Trumpeter Teramasu Hino and alto sax player Sadao Watanabe are two Japanese artists …


iRock Jazz LIVE! with Trumpeter Takuya Kuroda


 Rising Son makes for the perfect title for the Blue Note debut from Takuya Kuroda, an ascendant trumpeter and composer who is perhaps best known for his inspired presence in vocalist José James’ band over the past several years. In fact, Rising Son finds Kuroda stepping forth to …


Don Was: Our Goal At Blue Note Is To Not Make Any Shitty Records

You’ll love Blue Note Records. I don’t need for you to believe me, because I already know that it’s true. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Who is this guy? He doesn’t know me.” And to that, I would have to agree. I don’t know you, personally. But, I do know …


Kris Bowers: The Generational Theory in Music

Pianist Kris Bowers is one of the newest and brightest lights on the jazz landscape. Schooled in jazz and classical music, raised amid the rap and hip-hop of the 1990s, inspired by the cinematic power of the great film composers of recent decades, Bowers’ sound – though rooted in traditional …


Being Told That We’re “Not Jazz” is The Highest Compliment

I remember hearing Bitches Brew for the first time. I was new to the Jazz scene and it seemed appropriate to first navigate Miles Davis. Up to this point in my travels, I had made stops at Kind of Blue, ‘Around Midnight,’ and Sketches of Spain, but the moment I …

Jose James

CD Review: Jose James No Beginning No End

Jose James People say Jazz isn’t fresh anymore; they say it doesn’t change or grow. For those who need a reminder or a wake up call as to what is really happening in the Jazz scene, go listen to vocalist Jose James. With his new album No Beginning, No End, …