Discover the True Spirit of Cuba with iRock Jazz and Insight Cuba!


iRock Jazz cordially invites you to join us on a custom-crafted, trip to explore Cuba! The focus of this trip will be to understand the challenges facing Cuba in 2015. We’ll begin by studying Cuba’s hospitality, organic agriculture, and small businesses; understanding the success of their community medicine program; discovering Cuba’s art, music, and car culture; discussing Cuba’s educational system with university students and professors, and participating in a frank exchange of political views with our Cuban hosts. This opportunity will allow us to explore Cuba in a deeper context, providing our members with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist today.

If you are interested in traveling to Cuba with us:

Due to federal regulations regarding licensed travel to Cuba, all payments and registrations must be handled by insightCuba, who is licensed to operate our people-to-people tour. They’ve made the process very convenient. You may register for the tour in the following two ways:

  • Call an expert insightCuba travel specialist at 800-450-CUBA (2822).They can take your registration over the phone with a $275 non-refundable deposit paid via any major credit card. They will also review with you important items you need to know regarding traveling to Cuba. They are the leading experts.
  • Register yourself on insightCuba’s secure online registration page. They’ve created a special registration page that only our group members can access.
  1. Simply click on the BOOK YOUR TRIP page
  2. Enter USERNAME: iRock
  3. Enter PASSWORD: iRock2015
  4. Enter the appropriate fields
  5. Remember to select double or single accommodations

If you have any questions regarding the online registration page, please call an insightCuba travel specialist at 800-450-CUBA(2822).

If registering online, an insightCuba travel specialist will contact you to welcome you to the tour and answer any specific questions.