And the Afrobeat Goes On for Sandra Izsadore

  As she reflects on how she fought for social injustice, human rights activist and music composer Sandra Izsadore continues to promote the fight for change in domestic communities and for societies abroad. Recognized historically as the ‘mother of Afrobeat’, Sandra infamously established the genre with the historical, Nigerian music …


The Universal Insights of Tom Harrell

[/caption]   “Jazz music is so universal that you can draw upon it; you can bring other cultural influences to jazz and it still remains jazz music.” – Tom Harrell Renowned composer, arranger and trumpeter Tom Harrell has sustained an impressive career that has spanned well over 40 years. He …

Karriem Riggins

Karriem Riggins Alone Together: The Gift of Solitude

“Without great solitude no serious work is possible”  – Pablo Picasso Some of the world’s greatest minds from Mozart to Einstein have extolled the virtues of solitude as necessary catalyst to spark genius. As creativity often flourishes when one is alone, the ability to focus deeply and hear one’s own …

Chrisette Michelle

Chrisette Michele’s Reflections on Life and Love

The path to self-discovery can last a lifetime, and Chrisette Michele trots that road through her career as she travels to worlds unknown in song and in self-expression. Since her major debut in 2007, the R&B and soul singer says she’s learned to find her voice in the industry and …

Marquis Hill

Marquis Hill and the Sounds of the City

Marquis Hill released his second CD Sounds of the City on Aug. 23. An accomplished musician, composer, arranger, and music educator at age 24, he mastered how to temper his emotional center while playing. He exhibits a more complex thinking and reasoning when he plays the trumpet or flügelhorn. It …

Robert Glasper

Robert Glasper Scats to the Beat of His Own Tune

  Jazz pianist and producer Robert Glasper is at the head of the class when it comes to breaking rules in his genre. Known for thinking outside of the musical box, he fuses Hip Hop, Soul and Jazz to create his own element and niche in one of the oldest …


ABIAH’s “Vocal Distinction”

  The music industry attributes the decline of music sales to the Internet. With the click of a button, any web surfer can access millions of songs of any genre. However, are music labels and moguls taking into consideration the listening audience is not overjoyed with what they are hearing …

Nicki Richards

Nicki Richards….The Soulful Vibe of a Musical Diva

If you have ever listened to an R&B, Rock, or Pop song that has landed in the Top 10 on the Billboard Charts within the past twenty years, you have heard the incredible vocals of Nicki Richards. Her voice is resonates on the background vocals for artists that include Mariah …


Amikaeyla Cultivates Community with Music

Amikaeyla With a Native American name that means “one who fights for love”, jazz artist Amikaeyla seeks to use her vocal powerhouse for good as she seeks to return to the basics of feel-good music. “I want to revisit a place in music where people can drink a glass of …

Kahil El Zabar

Rockin’ with Kahil El’Zabar

  Kahil El’Zabar has been playing music nearly all of his life. One could say that he was a musical prodigy who learned from music’s best in class. As a teenager, he was a professional jazz musician touring the world. Today, he continues performing around the world to audiences that …

Sonny Rollins

Sonny Rollins: A Conversation with a Legend

Jazz will always be here and depending on the people we have coming up, jazz will always be something that other music will come to get their inspiration from. – Sonny Rollins There are few people that can call the likes of John Coltrane and Miles Davis their immediate peers. …

Ben Williams

A Gradual Change of the Guard: Ben Williams at the Detroit Jazz Festival

  “You have to deal with your art. If you can go to bed at night and be happy with what you are doing, you’re on the right track.” – Ben Williams When the opportunity to play with a jazz legend was given to Ben Williams, he didn’t hesitate. The …