Harris, Sánchez & Scott

All distance is relative, especially where geopolitical borders and ideologies are involved. We speak one language, they speak another. We follow our system, they follow theirs. When we focus on the differences, a relatively short stretch of land or water starts to look like a yawning chasm. But when we …


Sean Jones

As we ve all been told, birds do it, bees do it but anyone who s actually gone to the trouble of falling in love knows that it s a lot more complicated when humans get involved. Which can make the reality of relationships a bit disappointing for those weaned …

Donald Harrison - This Is Jazz

Donald Harrison

For their second Half Note issue, the power trio of Donald Harrison, Ron Carter and Billy Cobham declare themselves spokesman for a kind of exploratory improvisation and interplay known only to seasoned jazz professionals. Staunch individualists all, they come together with a unified voice – at once steeped in jazz’s …