Tirf Alexius hails from the northwest side of Chicago and graduated from Columbia College of Chicago with a B.A in acting. He began his career starring in commercials and films, but even then, Tirf was driven to explore the other side of the camera. He was given that opportunity when his fellow alum, Hugh Grady, delivered a script to his doorstep. While producing Lost in Thought, Tirf discovered his knack for bringing projects to life. Shortly thereafter, he co-founded Driven Entertainment, a reflection of his drive to fully immerse himself in the world(s) of film.

Through Driven Entertainment, his recent works include television commercials, radio shows, various multi-media projects and a documentary. The diversity of his projects is mirrored by the diversity of his experiences, both in Chicago and globally. Tirf brings a unique perspective to characters, either in front of the camera or behind it. In addition to developing his own craft, Tirf works hard to foster community and cultivate relationships with other filmmakers. Recent collaborations with 4 Features Film Company have resulted in two feature-length films.

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