Kamilah is the Creator of HEEL HOP®.  A spiritually connected, certified fitness instructor, she has traveled the world as a Professional Choreographer, Dancer, Singer, and Actress. Discovered by the music legend Prince, Kamilah’s style and brand has always remained consistent: Classy, Sexy, Empowering.

Career Highlights:

  • Finalist on FOX “So You Think You Can Dance”
  • Lead Dancer in music videos for 50 Cent, Wyclef Jean, R. Kelly, Swiss Beatz
  • On-Air Coach on MTV’s “Made”
  • Certified Instructor in Bally’s Be Fit University, Cardio Barre, and Quando Kickboxing
  • Instructor at Hollywood Pop Academy
  • Trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, African, Pointe, and Salsa
For Kamilah, it started with a deep passion for ballet and pointe technique. With years of intense workshops at performing arts schools, college studies, admission to Alvin Ailey and The Dance Theatre of Harlem, all roads began with ballet, the backbone of dance.  As a child, Kamilah was mesmerized by Tina Turner and Prince. She relentlessly studied their motion secretly taking her mom’s heels down into the basement to practice in them.  At age 6, standing in a kids size 5 low heel, red with sequence, with matching leotard, Kamilah’s first solo performance was dancing to Tina Turner’s “You Better Be Good To Me.” She was hooked.
As she progressed in her dance career, Hip Hop became her specialty. Motivated to be someone’s “Tina” or “Prince”, Kamilah wanted to find the perfect mix between daring technique and sex appeal.  So she developed a sexy niche; Hip Hop dance in HEELS. She was quickly snatched up by Prince to tour the world, of course, with her heels in tow. To prepare for the demands of shows and appearances, she drew from her fitness background to create a personal regime to strengthen her legs while improving her cardio capacity. When the tours ended, record labels soon sought Kamilah to choreograph tours for their female artists and girl groups. Her approach to re-shaping her client’s bodies as they commanded the stage in pumps birthed an immediate sexy new confidence for the performers. HEEL HOP was born.
Since those beginnings, HEEL HOP is now trademarked and has been taught as a fun cardio and core workout to clients in Los Angeles, NYC, Washington DC, Tokyo, and most recently, Moscow. Women from all sizes and nationalities are finally getting taught the proper way to walk and dance in heels while shedding pounds in an empowering 60 minute workout.  It’s just the beginning…
A Note from Kamilah: “It starts in the mind and heart, connecting to women’s needs. We need to know we are beautiful before we are in make up, before we slip on our hot dress and 3 inch heels. We can empower and inspire each other to feeling beautiful inside. That’s where the big change comes from. Encouragement, guidance and inspirational support are the backbone to the Heel Hop movement.”
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