Born in Paris, France and a native of the French West Indies, Meemee Nelzy has been infatuated with black and caribbean music since her childhood. Challenging herself as a teenager, she wrote her first texts in french a few years later in her dorm room in Toulouse, France and incorporated contemporary dance groups.

In 2001, she joined the «Urban Soul Collectiv’», composed of soul singers and musicians from various countries. For the first time she began to sing her own songs and revealed her soft and warm voice publicly.

Fortified with this wonderful experience, she returned to Guadeloupe in 2002 with the goal of becoming a solo artist and began learning beat making. The results soon became convincing, she decided to meet artists from the island and gradually saw her work recognized by the french underground hip hop scene.

Influenced by hip hop music as well as jazz or       music, she has built a soul repertoire melting with hip hop. Her lyrics, deeply rooted in everyday reality, is a compendium of ideas where everyone can meet. This determined woman builds her relationships by collaborating with various underground artists. In 2008, she sang the chorus to Large Professor’s «Chill», a track which was published on Dela’s « Changes Of Atmposhere » album and produced a track for Iman Williams.

In 2009, she self-produced and publicly presented her first album entitled “Âme Nouvelle“(that means New Soul). She sings (in french and creole) about love, human relationships and struggles in life. Her album is available on all the major legal downloading websites. The beatmaker BusCrates made a successful remix of one of the titles.

Kréyòl Seasoning is her new project in 2011 entirely written in creole (language of French West Indies based on French and African idioms). Many West indians natives brings their spice and originality for an new experience of cultural fusions. Meemee Nelzy collaborated with hip hop artist John Robinson aka Lil Sci from Scienz Of Life on a track.

In 2013, she released Moon Reflection EP with beats made by her, Saneyes and Diggs Duke and a remix made by the Michigan beatmaker 14KT.

All thoses digital projects are available on all legal downloading websites.

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