Siân Pottok’s Bio:

Siân is Welsh, Arabian Horse is Slovak .

My parents gave me the chance to travel in my childhood , which certainly contributes to the continuing need a change of scenery , to discover other horizons , to immerse myself in foreign cultures.

I love the eclectic , the difference … and harmony.

I started learning music at the age of 6 years by the violin and the piano and cello. It took me a while to understand that this is the song I prefer to express myself .

At 19, after studying Russian-English translator , I left Belgium – where I lived for 10 years – I moved to Paris and deepen the music school and conservatory Atla – Nadia Boulanger vocal jazz .

On leaving school I have the great fortune to work alongside Michel Fugain, Claude and Marc Lemesle Berthoumieux . They inspire me , motivate me and enrich me .

After Paris , returned to New York where I spent my adolescence.
This is a very important step immersed in this powerful city, the music becomes a drug that makes me cross the path of incredible artists such as Richard Bona, Jon Baptiste , Mike Stern, Clarence Penn, with whom I share the highlights clubs in NY as 55Bar , Fat Cat , Rockwood Music Hall, the Blue Note …

These meetings and the advice of these musicians I admire give me energy to work , work and work .

Obviously this will change many things in my directory. My compositions are changing and they say that my music is a mix of pop – folk – groove … I do not know what “kind” music I am, but I try to share what I feel and I find happiness .

In 2011, after two years of madness in New York, I go back to Paris to sign with Marc Lumbroso and Universal Publishing publishing and I’m working on a new project which will be released very soon .

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