Gregory Privat, jazz pianist, was born in Martinique . At home, the musical influence of his father José Privat – pianist of the famous Caribbean group Malavoi – gives him the cornerstone of the musician he is today. José Privat , having studied the piano by himself prefers the up to 6 years with a tutor , where he studied classical piano for 10 years. During this period, the music lessons did not really interest, Gregory increasingly focus on developing the technical aspects of the instrument.

Barely 16 years old , he began composing for the music section of his high school , where he became one of the most active members . He abandoned the classical piano to move towards jazz and improvisation. Then , starting study in engineering school in Toulouse , Gregory multiplies performances solo or trio in a few clubs in the city , for concerts or for animation jam sessions . Fortunately , opportunities to perform on stage are not lacking, and in 2005 Gregory made ​​the first part of the Jazz Festival Biguine of Martinique.

After graduating , Gregory is determined to conquer the Parisian scenes . He founded the group with Jean Emmanuel Trioka Dommergue (bass ) and William Daubé (Ka) , a mixture of jazz, Caribbean melodies and KA ( Guadeloupe traditional percussion) . Despite strong performances , the group encounters difficulties and finally dissolved a year later . However, the years that follow will be an opportunity for Gregory to valuable encounters with other musicians as a sideman , including: Rémi Vignolo , Jacques Schwarz- Bart , Catia Werneck , Aida Khann , Paco Sery, Hadrien Feraud , Lukmil Perez , Guillaume Perret and Stephane Guillaume …

The desire to excel and progress is being increasingly felt, Gregory is part curiosity, several international piano competitions . Curiosity will be rewarded in July 2008, two parking Semifinalist in Jazz Piano Competition at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and in 2010 the Martial Solal Competition . Meanwhile , Gregory goes further training , more personal , bringing most of his compositions, and is currently produced in large Parisian jazz clubs such as Le Baiser Salé , New Morning, or the Duc des Lombards … It is Moreover, with this training he recorded his first album , Ki Kote

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