Rachelle Ferrell lives her life just as inspired as her music and voice evokes in her listeners. Sometimes she has the spirit-rising old church sound; at other times she has a jazzy melodic flow that makes you want to sit back relax, dig deep within and feel every emotion her songs bring up and she also makes you want to go even deeper in to the meaning of love and relationships. “Everything [inspires me], absolutely everything any and everything. You know how our minds beautifully tangential right, we can see – walking down the street and see a baby cry, or a baby laugh and feel the breeze on our skin, the combination of breeze and sunshine on our skin or at the same time in the next moment you hear a child fall down and cry to his mom, the next second you can hear little pieces of music whether it’s four or five bars or a song that you really like. All of this kind of stuff that happens in everyday life, it inspires me. Human beings inspire me, people I know inspire me, people I don’t know inspire me.  Food inspires me, beauty inspires me tremendously. Thinking – just being who I am at this point inspires me. I used to look for stuff outside of myself to inspire me but I find at this point in my life I don’t need to do that anymore [laughs]. Creation inspires me, the cosmos inspires me you name it anything and everything.”

Her new project Art and Soul self-produced and has taken many years to create and she hopes for it to be out later this year. On this album Ferrell takes us back to some down home southern roots of music. This is where she is musically – heartfelt lyrics and true expressionism. “I find myself reaching back to moving forward – reaching back to the influences of the Mississippi Delta Blues, the tried and true traditions of relationships and love,” she says. “Something more organic to try to be a mitigating force or balancing force for what’s going on in the world today in regard to technology and computers which are marvelous. But we human beings need to make our presence known culturally to create that equilibrium, that state of balance between technology – the culture of technology and the culture of humanity. So what better way to do that than through music and art and song.


As far as I’m concerned the things that I love to sing about are as old as time itself and that’s love. Love and another one of my penchants is how to take care of oneself. The art of living the little tips, tricks and techniques that I’d like to add to the lyrics of my songs so folks can get an idea of ‘Hey I might want to try this’! Or like I used in Individuality at the top of the record I posed the question, ‘Is that your own thought you’re thinking’? ‘Is that your own life you’re living’? So at some point somebody may totally ignore or go over their heads or go by them without noticing it but if years down the road it may hit them, ‘Wow, I never thought about that question. I didn’t consider that’. The question is to look at what we say we believe in and where do these beliefs come from and how are these beliefs impacting upon our lives.”

Music is a universal language we know this to be true, and for Rachelle Farrell this language is her, it is her foundation and yet as she says, “I’m a real regular, run-of-the-mill human being [laughs]. I do everything that everybody else does, I do the dishes, I do the laundry, I mop my floor, I clean my house [laughs], I go to the post office. And the only difference is when I do these things I’m always tuned in to the Spirit-world, tuned in to the energy-world, or the world of energy and I’ve trained myself to look at things symbolically. I may be in the post office and I may see or hear a conversation between two people that will inspire a song. But other than that, there’s no difference.” She is art and soul.

By Keli Denise

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